who the FUCK created jongin bc he is VERY cute and i am VERY angry 

若可以 在那一条遥远海平线上发现你模样
if i could, i’d find your image on the faraway horizon

During middle school, Baekhyun was said to really take good care of his seatmate. One time, his seatmate forgot to bring his pencil, so he started worrying. Baekhyun gave his own pencil and told him, “you can use this” so Baekhyun’s seatmate was really touched. But then right before the guy could express his thanks, Baekhyun opened his mouth to say, “since you’re using it, take my notes for me.”
pyropian whispered: Interesting fact about myself: I am the second most adorable person in the wooooorld (you're the first my dear)

O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this aint a fact okiedokie 

adorable rankings:

  1. tanya dear
  2. tanya dear
  3. tanya dear 

thats about it lol

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I can’t breathe without you, but I have to.

heartmindseoul whispered: interesting fact uummmmm I have burn patches on my tongue from having too many sour sweets when I was young LOL

omgomgomgmgomg i hate that feeling when u burn yur tongue and it hurts and u cant really taste and its like wow wat a waste of food lol

i think last week or something i kinda like scratched the side of my tongue? or like bit it really hard and it hurt so much i couldnt eat on the left side of my mouth

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Luhan’s Birthday countdown | D-11

luhan as delicate boy.